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BrotherMailer segmentation queries

Create targeted segments from your data:

BrotherMailer allows you to build your sophisticated, highly effective data segmentation queries in under a minute.

Use BrotherMailer to segment your data into highly targeted, responsive groups based on your transactional, demographic or behavioural data you hold in your customer database.

Once you’ve created a data segment in BrotherMailer, you don’t have to spend time rewriting and re-running queries, they will always be up-to-date. BrotherMailer will automatically update your queries in real time, every time a new contact matching that profile is added to your database.

Segment your data, and drive your revenue:

Powerful and easy-to-use, BrotherMailer’s query tool will allow you to explore a limitless world of marketing possibility.

Demographic Queries:

Your demographic data can be used to create marketing segments for targeted messages, to boost your opens, clicks and conversion with your contacts.

Geographic Queries:

Create geographic queries based on the location from which your contacts opened previous campaigns, using BrotherMailer’s superb draw-and-segment tool.

You can identify which geographical areas are your most profitable and target those areas, even when you have no postcode data in your database!

Behavioural Queries:

The open or click history of any campaign, even triggered campaigns, can be used to create a detailed segment of your data based on their past interaction with your campaign.

With BrotherMailer’s easy to use, powerful segmentation tools, you can select those that have opened/clicked specific links (or not) across a series of campaigns, in order to send targeted and relevant campaigns, or a re-engagement programme.

Turn your database into a powerful engine that can drive triggered e-mails and ROI-boosting, targeted offers and messages to individual groups:

  • Based on transactional and demographic profiles and preferences
  • In a series, such as a renewal programme
  • Based on recipients’ behaviour when they receive your main email
  • Based on profile and preferences

Choose the BrotherMailer package with the Data Query tool to suit your specific needs.

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